Alpine Linux

Alpine ≥ 3.13

IfState is available in the community repository since Alpine 3.13.

If the wireguard-tools-wg package is going to be installed it will pull also py3-wgnlpy which enables Wireguard support in Ifstate.

To enable eXpress Data Path (XDP) support you need to install libbpf (available in Alpine 3.17+).

Manual installation


IfState depends on Python3 and the following python packages:

  • pyroute2 - Python Netlink library
  • PyYAML - YAML parser and emitter for Python
  • jsonschema - An implementation of JSON Schema validation for Python
  • wgnlpy - Python netlink connector to WireGuard (optional)

IfState uses python ctypes to configure XDP. You need to have available to configure XDP.


IfState is available at Python Package Index. Use pip3 for installation:

pip3 install ifstate

This will also install all dependencies if not already statisfied.